New Yacht Okean 50 Fly SOLD


Successful delivery

The Okean 50 Fly is a new kind of Explorer looking yacht, that offers features like opening side balconies, upright windshield windows and large glass sliding doors. 

The only other yachts we find this is on the Galeons. We helped the client to compare different yachts and models, from the Azimut Navetta 48 to the Galeon 510 Skydeck.

There are many open day boat concepts that offer the opening side decks but there are not many 50 feet yachts with Flybridge that offer this feature.

A special request was to be able to take the yacht to the Swiss Lakes after one season in South of France so we had to match many criterias.


After Sales 

The after sale is always a challenge on a new boat, where honestly all new boats from all manufacturers have a lot of warranty issues. 
I have never seen a new yacht with not at least one page of issues. To build a boat is not like building a car, where you have automated production lines and build millions of units. Its like building a house with different subcontractors and there will always be many faults to be discovered.

The real question is about who shall manage this process? You would say thats the dealers job, but they are busy with many deliveries and summer high season crazyness. Our suggestion is to hire a professional to take care of this so you as the owner can focus on what you do best in your business, and not becoming upset by your new boat, but instead let someone deal with the annoying part and then just go and enjoy it when you have your precious time on board.



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