2009 Sunreef 70 Sea Bass SOLD


Successful closing

After viewing our listing, the 2013 Sunreef 70 "BIKINI" for sale in Turkey, the Australian Client was looking for an older alternative in order to have more budget on refitting.

We found this one in the USA and worked well together with his local Australian broker. 

It shows how important collaboration between brokers is and instead of putting stones in your way, to proactively work together in the best interest of both seller and buyer. 
There are many bad examples of brokers only protecting their selfish interest, trying to squeeze an extra buck out of the deal or the other broker, leveraging on their local knowledge instead of sharing this and helping each other out.

In the end, we managed to successfully close this deal and help the buyer the boat he wanted. 

Make sure to check our listing of the Sunreef 70 here: 



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