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2013 curvelle quaranta superyacht catamaran for sale

winner of 8 awards & considered the world's most beautiful superyacht powered catamaran


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Curvelle Quaranta Yacht For Sale Sundeck2-min

Every yacht owner is unique. As for you, you may be an owner with children — so you’d like a playroom for your kids or grandkids.

Or, perhaps your an owner who values your fitness and well-being — so you’d like a wellness center. 
Or, maybe you’d like a quiet place to unwind, relax and get “lost” in a book — so you’d prefer a private reading room. 

On the other hand, maybe your the type who enjoys to work on your business 24/7 — so you’re looking for a yacht with an office area. And if you enjoy your movies or music, it could be that you want a cinema or a recording room. Maybe even a wine cellar. Or a full-beam master suite.

Whatever you have in mind — whatever you wish for — the Curvelle QUARANTA can grant you that wish.

Because what makes her truly unique is that she can be tailored to suite your particular desires. Because her fully flexible main-deck layout can transform in 20 different ways to suite your precise cruising needs. 

And so, to help you assess her suitability, this comprehensive listing highlights many of her distinguishing features. And, if you’d like to learn more after reviewing this listing, you’re encouraged to request “The Curvelle QUARANTA Private Buyer’s Guide” & Virtual Tour (which includes pricing and a technical report). 

Now, let’s look at what the Curvelle QUARANTA can offer you, your family, friends, and crew…


Yacht Specifications


Overall Length (LOA): 34.1 m / 111 ft 6 in
Beam (Max): 9 m / 29 ft 6 in
Draft: 2.45 m / 8 ft (@ full load)
Gross Tonnage: 298


Carbon/E-glass Hybrid Epoxy hull & superstructure
Naval Architecture: INCAT CROWTHER
Design Concept: Luuk V. van Zanten, CURVELLE
Exterior Design: Mauro Giamboi (ex Bannenberg)
Interior Design: Alex Isaac (ex Bannenberg)
Year: 2013


Max Speed: 17.5 knots
Cruising Speed: 12.5 knots


Guests: 12
Crew: 6
Master Staterooms: 1 (location main deck with ensuite)
Guest Cabins: 5 (ensuites in all)
Crew Cabins: 3


Engines: 2 x 1925 HP Caterpillar C32 ACERT
Engine Hours: approx. 1625 hrs (May 2022)
Generators: 2 x ONAN 50kW @ 50 Hz Generators Hours: approx 6000 hrs (May 2022)



Max Range: 1,300 nm
Fuel Capacity: 23,000 litres











The Curvelle QUARANTA has four decks and a 9m (29′ 6″) beam. This is 2m (6′ 6″) wider and one more deck than would be found on a comparable monohull.

Every Layout Imaginable, For Every Cruise Possible

Curvelle Quaranta Yacht For Sale Master Ensuite1-min Curvelle Quaranta Yacht For Sale Main Deck Hall1-min Curvelle Quaranta Yacht For Sale Fwd Master Suite Stb1-min

The 34,1-meter Curvelle QUARANTA was designed to obtain the volume of a forty-meter PLUS mono-hull yacht. And combined with her unique, fully flexible stateroom layout you have the room and versatility to arrange her to your most desired liking.


Her six convertible cabins are her signature feature. And such a feature allows you to personalize and customize her layout based on the needs of you, your guests, and your itinerary.

In total, there are more than twenty configurations for you to select from. For example, you may prefer having 3 VIP/owner suites! Or, you can opt for six guests cabins of roughly equal size. Four or five cabin layouts are possible too.

If you have children, you could convert a cabin to a kids room. If you need an area to “get away from it all”, you could convert a cabin to a relaxation and reading room. And if you want to keep on top of business, you could devote a cabin to a private office. 

Whatever living arrangements you want onboard your yacht, the Curvelle QUARANTA can make it happen without a compromise. As every stateroom, piece of furniture, and most bulkhead walls are designed to be moved, removed, and re-arranged by your crew with relative ease. In just minutes, you can begin re-purposing a room. And within a few hours, the entire main deck can be transformed into an entirely different layout.

As for the cabins themselves, they were inspired by and modeled after luxury cruise ships. And every room is equally flooded in natural light and wonderful views can been seen through her large signature windows (which are 2.7m by 0.9m wide). And, so you and your guests can enjoy the spectacular views from the comfort of bed, the beds can convert into chaise lounges. All in all, such living arrangements allow for any possible combination of guests — even charters.

But, perhaps most impressive of all, the two VIP cabins (foreward) can be made into an enormous master suite fore. Simply by removing the middle divider, the two VIP cabins can transform into a huge 9-meter owner suite containing a large bathtub, his and her heads, and a lounge area.

Now, as impressive as this may seem, the two aft cabins (on each side) can be converted by the crew — on a moments notice — into a 12 m long cabin (with sitting room and a his and hers bathroom).

And as for the main deck interior (and the entire interior of the yacht) it is light, fresh, and contemporary. White leather, American oak, teak and Bolon woven carpeting have been used extensively throughout.

All the flexible staterooms are connected together by a big, central corridor which stretches from the large spiral staircase (located amidship) to the lift platform (located in the aft cockpit).

Cruise Well Beyond Your Usual Cruising Grounds

Curvelle Quaranta Yacht For Sale Deck Detail-min Curvelle Quaranta Yacht For Sale FwdDeck-min

The extraordinary amount of space on the Curvelle QUARANTA is made possible by her twin-hull designed by a world leader in catamaran designs: INCAT CROWTHER.

This unique arrangement has several advantages over a monohull.

Primarily, the double hull configuration (constructed of carbon fibre and epoxy) provides the stability and abundance of space you’d expect from a much longer yacht. In terms of stability, it’s an interesting fact that the combination of twin hull configuration and use of large sea-stabilizers has resulted in zero reported instances of guests ever getting sea-sick.

Another interesting point is that she’s even been built to the highest safety standards: RINA Classification. A form of commercial classification denoting “excellence behind excellence.” (For example: The electrical system on the Curvelle QUARANTA costs twice as much as a yacht of similar size because it was wired by a former NATO electrical contractor: not a single electrical problem has occurred on this yacht in 5 years.)

Now, while most other yachts of this size are restricted to only 60 nautical miles offshore (for safety reasons), the Curvelle QUARANTA with her unlimited range (combined with her superb classification) allows you and your guests to travel exceptionally long distances. In fact, she’s permitted — by law — to cross the Atlantic Ocean.

With her unique classification and range, you can truly, “get away from it all” as you can explore some of the furthest reaches of the the world with family and friends.

Moreover, for such extended travels and family holidays, a crew of six can travel in complete comfort too because the Curvelle QUARANTA’S crew quarters adheres to MCA LY3 requirements. Simply, this means that the crew area has been built to generous standards (crew areas extend upwards of 2.2 m / 90″ in width). And set within the generously sized hulls is a crew lounge, crew cabin, captains cabin, laundry area, pantry and a Feadship-inspired galley.

Unlike other yachts where crew living quarters seem a mere afterthought, the Curvelle QUARANTA has been designed with crew comfort in mind (For instance: The designers have gone so far as to even equip the engine room with Air Conditioning). As such, with better crew quarters, it’ll be easier for you to attract better talent aboard.

Moving up to the main deck, the dual hull configuration pays off throughout the entire boat.

A Beach Club Lift That Allows You To Bring Whatever Toys You Want With You

Curvelle Quaranta Yacht For Sale Sundeck1-min

Considered a rarity on a yacht of 34m in length, the 3-ton transom lift platform — at 2,5 m wide and 6m long — allows you to bring whatever you wish with you while you cruise.

Have an all-terrain vehicle? Take it with you. 


Want to explore underwater shipwrecks, coral reefs, sea life and other underwater fascinations? Well, with her 3 ton lift capacity you can carry and launch your very own min-submarine. And, there’s even a rail setup in the aft cockpit to carry a jet-ski too.

Are you a pilot? Great. Because you can even bring a two seater amphibious plane with you.

As well, the lift can even carry a car which can be driven on and off the Curvelle QUARANTA when she’s docked. This gives you the freedom sight-see destinations from the comfort of your very own vehicle. (Note: mini-sub, car, and plane are not included with the Curvelle QUARANTA.)

Now typically, you’ll use the lift to lower your tender straight from the main deck into the water. (A feature which is well liked by elderly guests or persons in wheelchairs because they can board and exit the tender directly from the main deck.)

Beyond being used to launch a variety of “toys” to enhance your time at sea, it can simply be used as a beach club for swimming, snorkeling and lounging. And by partially submerging the beach club, you can relax or dine with your feet in the water.

With the lift’s wide range of uses and large “toy” capacity, the Curvelle QUARANTA gives you, your family, and friends a range of toys to explore the distance paradise destinations in which the Curvelle QUARANTA can take you.

Bottom line: Whatever you desire, you can bring to enhance your time aboard.

Your Home Away From Home

Curvelle Quaranta CentralStairs-min Curvelle Quaranta Yacht For Sale Saloon deck Dining1-min Curvelle Quaranta Yacht For Sale Saloon Deck Lounge2-min

From the centrally located staircase on the main deck, you access the upper deck area.

And this area is composed of four spaces: the helm station, the big bow lounge, the expansive aft sun deck, and the open saloon.


Beginning with the saloon, perhaps the most distinguishing elements of this area is the space, accommodations, and views.

Nearly the entire saloon is surrounded by large windows which let in generous amounts of light. At the centre of the saloon is a very large L-shaped lounge to port. Which is complemented by the saloon bar to starboard. As for entertainment, it is provided by large a flatscreen, games and card table, and a series of speakers set into the saloon ceiling.

With such a comfortable and cosy layout — which feels much like that of a penthouse — you and your guests will feel against the backdrop of high-glass windows unveiling views of the water and destinations around you.

As for dining, there’s a table for 12 which is made from modular slabs of Macassar Ebony. And due to its modular design, the crew can (at a moment’s notice) convert it into a dining table for 10, 8, 6 or 4 guests. Also, if you so desire, the area can transform into your very own disco club by converting the table into a bar which then opens up the entire area. (Note: All of the table panels fit into the box under the table).

What’s more, surrounding the table are big floor to ceiling fold-away windows (to aft) and a sliding door (to port). With the windows and door open, you and your guests can be treated to a wonderful al fresco dining experience.

And with the doors folded away, you and your guests can take cocktails and relax after dinner on the expansive saloon aft deck. Or, if you prefer, you can move to the bow, where you can lounge in the big V-shaped loungers.

As for the helm station, it would make any captain proud. It contains two rather stylish, carbon fibre pilot chairs and four multi-purpose computer screens to operate the power cat. Moreover, there is an additional navigation station and even a sofa for guests to enjoy the panoramic views while underway.

Crowned With A Sky Lounge

Curvelle Quaranta Yacht For Sale Sundeck2-min Curvelle Quaranta Yacht For Sale Sundeck1-min Curvelle Quaranta Yacht For Sale SunDeck-min

Perched atop the Curvelle QUARANTA is your very own sky lounge — a fly bridge offering uninterrupted, panoramic views from which you and your guests can enjoy sun lounging, cocktails, parties, and late nights.

This sky lounge has three distinct spaces to take your dining, leisure and entertainment to even greater “heights.”


The first area, located at the centre of this sky lounge, is a dining table for twelve flanked by two bar counter tops. Overhead is large hardtop so you and your guests can dine under the shade.

The second area is considered the centrepiece of entertainment. In place of your typical helm station, is a raised jacuzzi surrounded by a large sunbathing area (to starboard) and a well-equipped galley and bar (to port). The bar and galley contains a “food lift” which can easily and quickly transport food from the galley to the sundeck (and all other decks, too).

This bar and galley arrangement allows your guests to enjoy refreshments and food while relaxing in the jacuzzi. And, in the fore most position on the top deck, this makes for a wonderful vantage point to watch the world roll by from the comfort of the jacuzzi.

As for the third area, it’s the sun deck to the aft. This ample area contains four sun beds from which you and your guests can lean back, cocktail in hand, and watch the sights and scenes fade into the distance horizon as you’re underway.

Overall, the top deck is like cruising with your very own, VIP roof-top lounge. 


Curvelle Quaranta Yacht For Sale Bow1-min

Now, you’ve probably heard it all before: countless yacht builders making unfounded claims of unmatched performance, comfort, design and innovation. 

But few yachts — such as the Curvelle QUARANTA — have truly collected a number of trophies which speak for themselves.

The Curvelle QUARANTA has been showered in unanimous praise from the press, panels of discerning judges, and lauded at premier boating events around the world. This 8-time award-winning yacht set a new benchmark for innovation.

And for these reasons, it’s fair to say that this highly-decorated Curvelle QUARANTA can be regarded as one of the best superyacht catamarans available for sale.



RedDot Award 2014 Product Design Winner - Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in Essen, Germany


World Superyacht Awards - Neptune Trophy May 2014

Golden Award by A Design Italy, Aug 2014

World Yachts Trophy “Most Innovative Yacht under 50m.” - Cannes Boat Show, Sep 2013


International Yacht Awards 2011 - Best Concept Yacht Design Under 50m

The-German-Design-Award 2016 Big

German Design Award Winner 2016

International-Superyacht-Society-Winner-of-The-Most-Innovative-Yacht-Between-24-50-meters-2013-300x300 (1)

International Superyacht Society - Winner of The Most Innovative Yacht Between 24 - 50 meters, 2013


Turkish Composite Manufacturers Association (TCMA) award Oct 2013 “Most Innovative Composite Marine Product”


Curvelle Quaranta Yacht For Sale Bell-min

Ultimately, the Curvelle QUARANTA is the perfect yacht for the owner who wants to discover new and distance horizons in uncompromised comfort and space.

With her exceedingly spacious interior and exterior spaces, she can easily accommodate you, your guests and your crew in unparalleled comfort.

And combined with her magnificent multi-purpose beach club, her saloon which feels like a “home away from home”, and your very own roof-top like lounge, this innovative, 8-time award winning yacht is the ideal choice for long distance  and Trans-Atlantic cruising.

Simply put, she’s the consummate yacht for unforgettable adventures in the company of many friends.
And so, if the thought of discovering new and distance horizons in this 8-time award winning yacht interests you, simply request “THE CURVELLE QUARANTA PRIVATE BUYER’S GUIDE” & FULL VIRTUAL TOUR.


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