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Salorenzo Adria


sanlorenzo adria partnership


Sanlorenzos Central Europe dealer, Sanlorenzo Adria and enter into a partnership and already in Düsseldorf, from 18th to 26th January, the two new Sanlorenzo yachts, the SL96 Asymmetric and the SX76, can be viewed.

Behind Sanlorenzo Adria stands Master Yachting with three experienced yacht professionals: 

Franz Schillinger as CEO, Stephan Kohl as Director Sales and Peter Schmid as CFO. 

With headquarters in Vienna and offices on and around the Adriatic Sea, they form the local competence to serve Sanlorenzo customers in the whole Adria. 

For this partnership is an important step to further expand customer benefits under the motto "Global reach with local competence". Even in times of digital marketing, yachting remains a very personal and local business where people make all the difference. is cautiously building up further locations, either through good relationships with strong partners or its own local employees, such as in the South of France, where 3 experienced yacht professionals work for


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The boat show in Düsseldorf from 18 to 26 January is the ideal opportunity to see the two new Sanlorenzo models right at the beginning of the year, before the 2020 season. 

Sanlorenzo only carries out personal visits so that each client can discover the new yachts in peace. 

We are on the show and take the time for your very personal consultation

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sl96a & sl102a: the first asymmetric yachts in the world

SL102A-1 SL102A-4 SL102A-2 SL102A-3

Asymmetrical like nature, like the human body, like a house

Enjoy the sea on board a motor yacht that goes one step further than others and opens up extended habitats.


With the aim of creating a better usability of the interior spaces and better access to the exterior, the SL102Asymmetric revises the proven layout of a yacht and, through this asymmetrical configuration, enables an added value of about 10 square meters in the interior.

The desire to think differently, coupled with the possibilities to implement it; the SL102 Asymmetric is the result of Sanlorenzo's ability to work on spatial concepts, always questioning and optimising them, never neglecting the needs of the owner.

The SL102A as inspiration for the SL96A

In the following video you can see the SL102A which will give you inspiration how the SL96A will look like.

Book your appointment now to have a look for yourself and discover this premiere. 

Sanlorenzo SL102 - Sanlorenzo Adria


sx76: perfect integration between aesthetics and functionality


The SX76 is an excitingly intelligent synthesis between the classic motor yacht with flybridge and the smallest but adult Explorer model.

She combines the family feel of the SX line while retaining all the style features of the larger SX88.


This model is characterized by unparalleled intelligent, rational and practical solutions and, as always, is distinguished by Sanlorenzo's unmistakable style, based on moderation, balance of space and the characteristic elegance of the brand.

If you look at the forward-facing structure and the large, terraced beach club, it is immediately clear that the SX line is a revolutionary project. Function and use of space intertwine to create a "crossover" yacht - perfectly suited for demanding, modern owners.


Sanlorenzo SX76 - Sanlorenzo Adria


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