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Do You Remember Why You Started Yachting?

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As A Yacht Owner, You Have Worked Hard To Reach The Level You Are At Right Now.

Originally, You Started Yachting To Have A Great Time On The Water.


Now, let’s be honest.

Selling a yacht can be a pain.

You are carrying all the expenses: berthing, maintenance, crew, insurance, etc. and on top of this, a brokerage firm is asking you a significant amount of money to help you sell it.

So naturally when a broker asks you for a commission, you don’t feel it’s appropriate in exchange for the amount of effort they will make to sell your yacht.

You have probably experienced it before: being pressured into signing an exclusive agreement and receiving poor quality marketing material or just getting no results after way too much time on the market.

For this reason, we want to transform your yacht selling experience from a painful and lengthy process to a fast, simplified and pleasant experience.


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A Faster Sale Means We Save You Money


Time affects 3 aspects of a yacht sale:

  • The market perception (the longer on the market the less your yacht will be desirable)
  • The depreciation (the longer on the market the greater the depreciation will accumulate)
  • The running cost (the longer on the market the more the running cost expenses will add up)

Imagine owning a 3-year-old yacht worth around $2M. Your yacht will accumulate the following costs (see below): Yacht for sale 3 Aspects

As you can see, the longer it takes to sell your yacht the greater your accumulated losses.

Our Goal Is To Sell Your Yacht, Not Just To List It


We don’t just put your boat on a portal; we strategically promote online, talk actively to owners, brokers, and crew, to establish as much one on one communication as possible,

to find a buyer for your yacht.

Resulting in an accelerated and risk-free yacht sales process.

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Screen Shot 2019-07-10 at 10.59.27 PM


The Plan


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The first step is to educate yourself on the process and challenges of selling your yacht. We wrote How to Sell Your Yacht to give you the insight you need to sell your yacht for maximum value in minimum time.

You might be an experienced Yacht owner having sold many yachts before. In those fast changing times it's always worth considering new insights and adapt to the new reality. 


We Speak Yachting, Let’s talk!

We would love to talk to you to determine if we are the right fit to work together.

We will prepare a market analysis for your yacht which will give you a comprehensive overview of the current market state.

With our matchmaking database we will already identify potential buyers from our existing relationships for an eventual off market sale.


Launch Your Yacht Marketing System

The new way to sell your yacht:

Our content production team will capture Video Walkthroughs, Virtual Tours, Photos, Condition Survey and Social media content. Everything to launch an international Yacht Campaign. The Result is a worldwide reach where the right buyer, ready to buy now, finds your yacht amongst all others. Book how to sell your yacht

Get a free copy of “How To Sell Your Yacht For Maximum Value In Minimum Time”