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Visit us at Cannes Yachting Festival 7. - 12. Sept 2021

"Buying and selling a yacht is a complex process. Don't take the wrong decisions. We speak Yachting. Let's talk"

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Hydrogen Yacht HYNOVA test & Interview

After the 1st interview with Chloé Zaied, Founder of the Hynova Yacht Project, the first Hydrogen powered Yacht, in September 2020 in Monaco, we went to Cannes...

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Do you remember why you start yachting?

as a yacht owner, you have probably worked hard to reach the level you are at right now.

you originally went into yachting to release stress and have a great time on the water.


Now, let’s be honest.
Selling a yacht can be a pain.

You’re carrying all the expenses; berthing, maintenance, crew, insurance, etc. and on top of this, a brokerage firm is asking a lot of money to help you sell it.

So naturally when a broker asks you for a commission, you don’t feel it’s appropriate in exchange for the amount of effort they will make to sell your yacht.

You have probably experienced it before: being pressured into signing an exclusive agreement and receiving poor quality marketing material or just getting no results after way too much time on the market.

For this reason, we want to transform your yacht selling experience from a painful and lengthy process to a fast, simplified and pleasant experience.

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