Search for “yacht broker” on LinkedIn and you'll find over 5,000 results. (Even more considering many may have other titles such as yacht consultant or yacht sales specialists, etc.). Search an MLS site like Yachtworld and you’ll find more than 85,000 listings. Search yacht builder directories and you’ll find more than 1,000 shipyards that could build yachts over 80’. 

The yachting marketplace — with all it’s choices, players, and yachts available — is a landmine for yacht sellers (and buyers). Danger doesn't only come from the sea of choices in the market, but in the size of the market itself. An intelligence report from Yacht International mentioned that 516 super yachts were sold in 2018 worldwide. Yes, you read correctly, just 516 transactions of yachts over 80’ were conducted. 

The fact that you’re reading this puts you in a small group: one of the few yacht sellers who  are educating themselves to understand the fundamental new rules of this market. You know that because of the complexity of the market, you have to be prepared, informed, and conduct your due diligence.

While our intention of this book was purely educational, you may be interested in discussing how we can help you sell your yacht. For this reason, what follows is an outline of our plan to market and sell your yacht.


The Yacht Marketing System

Once we’ve prepared your listing (pre-listing survey, walkthrough video tour, 360 virtual tour, professional photos, mini-website, follow-up system) we then market your yacht using our Yacht Marketing System. This system is made of four phases:



Attract Potential Yacht Buyers

Here we promote your yacht over numerous channels to maximize its exposure, and ultimately, to attract potential yacht buyers. To accomplish this, not only do we just use Multiple Listing Sites (like and we use Social Media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. As well, we use Internet Marketing Platforms like Google Adwords and Adroll to promote your yacht across thousands of websites. Beyond this, we also leverage our internal newsletter database containing 17,691 brokers, captains and buyers. Combined, all of these channels drive interested buyers to your yachts sales funnel.


Satisfy Them With An Attractive Sales Funnel

There is a law in marketing called the “Isolation Effect.” It states that when you present a product in isolation from competing alternatives, it’s more likely to capture attention, hold interest and build desire.

Now, compare this approach to leading multiple listing sites, where there are thousands and thousands of other yachts fighting for your buyers’ attention.

Because of this, one of the most powerful ways to make your yacht standout from the rest is to create its own dedicated-website. A website which acts like a sales funnel — that is, a site specifically designed and optimized for generating qualified leads to follow-up with. Moreover, it also behaves as a “point of focus” to constantly promote across social media, brokerage databases, traditional media, and other networks.


Communicate & Follow-Up To Get Viewings

Follow UpWhen there’s genuine interest in your yacht, we immediately respond to an interested buyer or broker. Today, the average email response rate is just shy of 7%. For this reason, our Yacht Consultant follows up with your leads multiple times to increase your success rate. To do this, our Yacht Consultant uses a combination of Email, Phone, Text, Social Media Messaging, WhatsApp, and even Direct Mail to follow-up, follow-through and follow-back. Combined, these activities result in more viewings of your yacht.


Our promise

We exclusively work together for 6 months minimum (with a performance review after 3 months) and the standard 10% fee for the services we provide you. With this arrangement, if another broker finds a buyer, we’ll deduct their commission from our total 10% fee (so you don’t pay any extra commission fees). If we don’t generate at least 30 leads per month, you have the right to cancel this agreement. 

Simply, you only pay us if we get you results.


How We Will Sell Your Yacht

  • Inform You With This Guide
    By reading this guide to help you make the smartest decision and find out if can help you sell your yacht.

  • Invite You to a Listing Session
    Where we listen to your needs and concerns.

  • Research Process
    Research to ensure your listing has the highest impact on the market. This is where we discuss pricing, timing, and notify you of other competing yachts in the marketplace.

  • Create the Digital Media Package
    We send our digital media crew to your yacht to capture photographs, a 360 virtual tour, aerial drone video, walkthrough video and more.

  • Launch Your Yacht Marketing System
    Notify our Yacht Buyer’s Network through Social Media, Internet Advertising, Multiple Listing Sites and our Newsletter Database.

  • Generate Buyer Leads & Follow-Up With Them
    Everyday your Yacht Consultant follows up with new and existing leads.

  • Organize Visits & Sea-Trials With Qualified Buyers
    Your Yacht Consultant and our partners arrange visits to present your yacht to qualified buyers only.

  • Negotiate The Sale of Your Yacht
    Protecting your assets and interests with focus on low friction transaction.

  • Close The Deal & Sell Your Yacht
    Get the contract signed, exchange funds, and organize a seamless handover.
  • After Sales Service
    Protecting the deal long after the sale.

Ready to Sell Your Yacht? — It’s As Easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Fill out the form to schedule a listing session

  2. Determine if the Yacht Marketing System is right for you

  3. Let’s market and sell your yacht

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