How to Present your yacht

Presentation is the second most important factor in determining the sale of your yacht and it is often overlooked and underrated. As you know, you just have one chance to make a first impression.

While it's important to list your yacht with quality digital content (photos, videos, and virtual tour) to show viewers that she is in pristine condition, it is equally important to make sure that during a visit, survey, or sea trial, the prospective buyers are satisfied with the quality and don't feel let down or worse, lied to.


Maintain a Picture-Perfect Yacht at all Times

Ultimately, your goal should be to create the most presentable environment to enhance the perception of your vessel. Of course, not with the intent to manipulate or deceive potential buyers, but to show your vessel to its best advantage, so she can be sold for the most appropriate price.

The interior should be as clean and clutter-free as possible and it should smell of fresh air. If necessary, remove any of your personal items. The engine room and technical room should be spotless and ready to be shown. As for the exterior, it should be cleaned and polished. It’s recommended that you hire a detailing company — it will be worth it in the long run. Beyond this, help your broker by informing him of all the work done or needed to be done on your vessel. Make sure that you already have all the paperwork ready and provide a complete inventory of every single item that will be included in the sale.

To show you the importance of presentation and environment, look at the following image. In your opinion, which square below is darker: A or B?


Surprisingly, as you can see below, A and B are the exact same color.

A vs B

The reason for this phenomenon is because we judge and interpret everything around us based on our environment. So if we modify the environment, it can easily change the way you interpret and perceive things. For instance, look at the blue yacht (the 99m MADAME GU) below. In which picture does it appear more attractive and bigger to you?


Bottom line: if the pictures, videos and presentation of your yacht aren't properly done, yacht buyers are less likely to inquire about it.

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