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HYNOVA 40 - Powered by a fuel cell

HYNOVA Video Series

Stand for Cannes Show 2021: Jetée 124, Vieux Port

UPDATE: 2nd Video August 2021 

After the 1st interview with Chloé Zaied, Founder of the Hynova Yacht Project, the first Hydrogen powered Yacht, in September 2020 in Monaco, we went to Cannes in Summer 2021, to take the opportunity to test for the first time the Hynova 40 in the water.

We had the chance to witness the refueling process and to interview Chloé during our seatrial.

The silence onboard is stunning as well as the fact there are no exhaust fumes at all. Just the fresh breeze of the sea. fantastic.

First Video September 2020


I was invited by Chloé Zaied to interview her during the secret launch Event in Monaco end of September 2020. She introduced her amazing project to selected few, including Prince Albert II of Monaco, who congratulated her personally on her achievements.

The HYNOVA 40 is the first fully Hydrogen powered Yacht to go into production. Energy Observer Developments (EO Dev) provides the drivetrain and is one of the official sales Partners.

Currently the European Union and many of its Member States such as France and Germany, are announcing Hydrogen Funding and development programs. On the route to net zero carbon emission goals, Hydrogen plays a key role. 

It was a wonderfully sunny day in Monaco and Chloé took a lot of time to explain to me every detail of her eagerly awaited project.

Please watch the full interview above and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. 


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how does the hydrogen drive train work?


80 kW Fuel cell and two batteries.
2 x 150 kW silent electric engines
Cruising Speed 15 knots
top speed 25 knots 
22.5 Kg of Hydrogen in 3 Tanks

= This is the state of the art drive train

Hynova utilizes a silent electric engine driven by the hydrogen stored on board the vessel as a source of fuel. We have made a short video (1min) to enable you to discover the world of  hydrogen for maritime purposes and discover the technology which surrounds it. The concept of Green Hydrogen consists of generating electricity from a renewable source. This electricity then separates the oxygen from the hydrogen and is then used to fuel the vessel. ​It is the ​hydrogen obtained through the electrolysis of water. ​This is a non-polluting alternative that Hynova will be implementing.


Video explaining the reasoning behind Hydrogen Fuel adopted by Hynova

HubSpot Video



Partner for HYNOVA Yachts is proud to become  appointed Partner for HYNOVA Yachts. 
We will support HYNOVA Yachts in sales and marketing, focusing on the German Speaking DACH area. 

Imagine cruising with the silence of an electric boat and the ease of use quickly refuling like a diesel tank. With zero emissions and no exhaust fumes for comfortable conscious cruising.

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Partnership with EO Dev is  also partnering up with  EO Dev for joint sales and marketing activities. 

We believe in the transition to sustainable yachting and position ourselves as an ideal partner to guide our clients for new build and refit projects to replace diesel generators with fuel cells or build net zero emission yachts from scratch.

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Visual of closed Version variant:

HYNOVA Closed version

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